Our curriculums

The school offers Tanzanian National curriculum where all subjects guided to be taught by this curriculum are offered including co-curricular activities and hidden curriculum.


  1. Mathematics
  2. English Language
  3. Kiswahili Language
  4. Social Studies (Geography & History)
  5. Civics and Moral Education.
  6. Science,technology & Health Education.
  7. Information Communication and Technology.
  8. Vocational Skills (Arts and Hand Craft)


Answaar Primary School had got a potential program for pupils to learn their religion by establishing Islamic environment and culture among pupils,Staff and the Community.We offer Islamic studies to pupils at a very high level and quality.
The following are some of the Islamic religious Programs carried Out at Answaar School:
  • ●Qur'an Memorization program.
  • ●Hadith and Qur'an interpretation developing skills program (SUNNAH)
  • ●Arabic language speaking and writting skills programs.
  • ●Islamic Morals and Rituals education programs.
  • ●Islamic Jurispurdience/Islamic law (FIQIH)
  • ●Islamic history-Sira (TAREKH)
  • ●Oneness of Allah/Islamic monotheism (TAWHID)